Freshly spiced chicken breast, marinated buckwheat, marinated cowpea, red cabbage, seasonal greens, corn, cucumber, cherry tomatoes and fried carrots

Green salad with pomegranate syrup and sumac, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, baked beetroot, falafel meatballs, hummus with turmeric, crispy tortilla and yoghurt dressing with tahini

Marinated wheat, baby spinach, purslane, grilled meatballs, crispy pita bread, yogurt, tomato, lemon sauce with pomegranate syrup and black cumin

Steak slices flavored with fresh mushroom and cream sauce, basmati rice, sautéed broccoli, spinach and crispy potato chips


Mediterranean greens, broccoli, fried carrots, corn, pickled purple sauerkraut, marinated green lentils, salmon with butter sauce and roasted sesame

White cabbage salad, cracked greens, crispy chicken fillet breaded with panko, basmati rice, spring onion leaves and green curry sauce

Pickled red cabbage, greens, marinated brown wheat, brewed quinoa, avocado slices, vegetable patties, falafel patties and hummus

Split wheat, baked root vegetables, mixed mesculin, turkey tandoori lint, fried ring onions and fried cherry tomatoes


Spinach sautéed with capia pepper, green lentils, baked red beet rings, spicy chickpea chard and lemon tahini sauce

Lettuce and belly leaves, sauerkraut, fresh broccoli, brewed quinoa, green lentils, spicy corn, grilled chicken slices and avocado slices


Basmalti rice, spicy beans, roasted ground beef, jalapeno peppers, parsley, sour cream, picante salsa, guacamole sauce and finely chopped lettuce leaves

Sauteed mixed mushrooms with herbed cream and brown sauce, flavored basmati rice, with fresh peas and celery leaves

Meatballs with quinoa, vegetables, sour cream and green salad with cherry tomatoes


Tortilla filled with seasoned chickpea puree, mashed avocados, sautéed vegetables and sesame in soy sauce, sumac, tomatoes and greens

Grain tabule with parsley, lemon, quinoa, hummus, falafel meatballs, crispy tempure zucchini, avocado slices, yogurt sauce with tahini and extra virgin olive oil

Zucchini omelette with feta cheese and dill accompanied by grated cucumber yogurt sauce, mixed greens and tomatoes

Sauteed spinach placed on crepe layers with white ricotta cheese, sauteed mushrooms, cream sauce, green salad and french fries

Sautéed mushrooms with mustard and cream,sliced chicken,cream cheese, morney sauce, mediterranean greens and french fries

Layers of crepes filled with shredded cheese, cream sauce, sauted vegetables served wıth mediterranean greens and french fries

Crispy baked ravioli filled with minced beef,garlic yogurt sauce,tempered red chili sauce,sumac and fresh mint leaves


Tortilla filled with grilled meatballs, lettuce salad, tomatoes, pickled gherkins, cheddar cheese, caramelized onions, sumac, french fries and green salad

Avocado puree, grated cheese, sauteed onion, beef steak slices, jalapeno peppers, picante salsa, sour cream and greens

Sauteed vegetables between tortilla bread, sauteed mushrooms, spicy chicken fillet slices, cheddar cheese and wrap, picante salsa sauce, guacamelo sauce, sour cream, french fries and tomato green salad


Thin slices of liver sautéed with thyme-flavoured butter with cubes of potato,fresh arugula,rings of red onion,slices of tomato,dill and lemon


Fajita vegetables, tortilla bread, grated yellow cheese, picante salsa, sour cream and avocado sauce. | Meat: 179,50 Chicken: 110,00 Combo: 149,50 Veggies: 79,50


Ginger, broccoli, sushimi mushroom, teriyaki and soy-sauced julienne vegetables with fresh onion and roasted sesame seeds. | Veggie: 82,00 Chicken: 98,00 Beef: 118,50

With yogurt, butter and pepper sauce, sumac and dried mint

Slices of veal marinated with tomato paste and thyme oil and roasted with a tomato sauce with garlic and pepper accompanied by pita bread

Kokorec prepared with oregano, herbs and fire roasted tomatoes & peppers