Cold Appetizers

Skim milk cheese, feta cheese, olive oil, saffron, truffle, walnut brittle, garlic and fresh greens

With chard, onion and yogurt sauce


Strained yoghurt, spicy cayenne pepper, extra virgin olive oil and sesame


Eggplant with strained yogurt and tahini


Garlic Greek yogurt, crispy cucumbers and olive oil

Potatoes, spring onions, parsley, olive oil and lemon

Today’s special prepared with aegean region olive oil

Chestnut mushrooms, pine nuts and truffle oil

Hummus and tahini prepared with avocado puree, crispy chickpeas, mint, virgin olive oil and tortilla chips


Cantaloup caper, roasted red pepper, pickle, dill, green olive, green onions, extra virgin olive oil and lemon slices

Dried tomatoes, walnuts, currants, sliced green olives, feta cheese and red pepper


Tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, parsley and slices of feta cheese