Hot Appetizers

Crispy Zucchini chips and garlic tarator sauce

Pastry filled with feta cheese and parsley

Mitite meatballs and potato cubes and paprika sauce

With mint yogurt and fresh tomato

Crispy smoked ribs and tortilla chips on tahini hummus

Grilled sausage slices on lavash bread, grilled hellim cheese, grilled scallions, grilled tomatoes and pickled peppers

Baked Antakya village cheese in butter sauce with garlic

Hot & sweet sauce, colorful peppers, crispy chicken cubes and green onion leaves

Mushroom and parsley prepared with butter and cheddar in casserole

Tomato green pepper, unsalted cheese cubes, extra virgin olive oil, mint, thyme, red pepper flakes and grated cheddar cheese in casserole