Marinated grilled entrecote, small parmesan ceaser salad, garlic sauteed potatoes and brown sauce

Braised lamb shank, wheat risotto with mushrooms and parmesan pumpkin, baked cherry tomatoes and demi glace sauce

Veal tenderloin flambéed with pink pepper, black pepper, fresh thyme and shallots in red wine sauce, baby potatoes crushed with cumin and sauteed spinach leaves with mushrooms

Marinated grilled entrecote, fried baby potatoes, fresh asparagus and broccoli, mustard sauce, wild mushroom sauce and cafe de pari sauce


Cafe de Pari sauce on marinated fillet steaks served with french fries

Grilled beef steak accompanied with basil mashed potatoes, fresh asparagus, chestnut mushrooms, porcini mushrooms and truffle flavored peas


Fillet steak on skewers and sauted onions marinated with thyme accompanied by eggplant begendi served with grilled tomatoes, pepper, demi glace sauce and pita bread

Grilled sirloin marinated with sea salt and black pepper accompanied by three-mushroom risotto, sauteed asparagus and demi glace sauce


Braised veal ribs with teriyaki sauce, eggplant orzo risotto, sauteed spinach and crispy fried onion rings

Grilled meatballs with kashar cheese and spices, fried potatoes, charcoal-grilled tomato, pepper, black eyed peas and hot slices of pita bread


Baked potato topped with beef ham, cheddar cheese and crispy onions marinated grilled entrecote, caramelized mushrooms and barbecue sauce

Beef marinated with fresh thyme served on whipped strained yogurt and fresh tomato sauce with fried cherry tomatoes, pepper and ground butter sauce

Grilled beef cutlet marinated with fresh thyme on a brown sauce with mustard and honey, caramelized onions, sautéed potatoes with garlic hot oil and green salad with sumac

Marinated grilled beef ribeye flambéed with butter, garlic cloves and fresh spices, baby potatoes, fresh asparagus and grilled lemon


Baked potato with vegetable cheddar cheese, with mushrooms, grilled onions and butter sauce with smoked peppers

Sea salt, crushed pink peppers, fresh thyme, grilled onion rings, grilled lemon fried baby potatoes and mustard

Beef schnitzel coated with parmesan and spicy corn chips, lemon, blue cheese butter and homemade fresh potato salad

Grilled meatballs, strained yoghurt and butter sauce with red pepper flakes


Sirloin steak cooked in wine mushroom sauce, pickled gherkin and crispy potatoes