Risottos and Pastas

Extra virgin olive oil, light garlic, pistachio pesto sauce, fresh thyme, black olives, baked cherry tomatoes and feta cheese on a penne pasta

Cream, light garlic,roasted peppers,zuccuni and parmesan with penne and spinach balls

Cream, potato gnocchi, spinach leaves, gorgonzola cheese, walnut and parsley

Fettucine with cream, a touch of garlic, mushrooms, spinach, chicken julienne, parsley and parmesan

Spicy haddock fillets on linguine pasta with light cream, light garlic, pistachio pesto sauce, lime zest, capers, dill, green zucchini and parmesan cheese

Risotto cooked with porcini mushrooms,truffle oil,corriander and parmesan cheese

Extra virgin olive oil, mild garlic, cherry tomatoes, mildly spicy tomato sauce, penne pasta with parmesan cheese and steak slices with thyme

Served with virgin olive oil, cayenne pepper, spicy tomato sauce, parmesan cheese and parsley

Fettucine with cream, white wine, garlic, salmon and spinach

Smoked rib slices on risotto prepared with white wine, fresh tomato sauce, mushrooms, parmesan cheese and fresh basil

Spaghetti topped with light garlic, carrot, celery, ground beef tomato sauce and parmesan

Shrimp, grooved carpet shell, calamari, cherry tomatoes, fresh herb salsa verde and parmesan

Five-cheese ravioli accompanied by cream, cherry tomatoes, truffle oil, parmesan sauce with fried sweet basil

Fettucine topped with crispy chicken slices, cream, light garlic, fresh cherry tomato pesto sauce and parmesan

Lemon sauce with butter, light garlic, white wine, zucchini, peppers, basil, parsley and seafood

Extra virgin olive oil, fresh tomato sauce, fresh basil, marinated eggplant slices, baked cherry tomatoes and cubed goat cheese on penne pasta

Extra virgin olive oil, white wine, small hot peppers, garlic, zucchini, butter and sand mussels

Extra virgin olive oil, light garlic and gnocchi cooked in fresh tomato sauce, cube tomatoes, mozzarella cheese and fresh basil

Light cream,white wine,fettucine pasta with parmesan cheese,topped with mixed mushrooms and basil leaves